12. Oktober 2016

Ramesch Daha: Unlimited History


Buchvorstellung und Gespräch mit Ramesch Daha, Costa Vece (Künstler) und Fiona Liewehr (Kuratorin)

Ramesch Daha combines aspects of her family history with events of profound historical significance. Her latest research project stems from the Tehran Conference, the first meeting of the Allied leaders in World War II, and pursues the historical links between Iran and the “Big Three”. Crucial to this story is the Trans-Iranian Railway, a project which marked the nation’s first steps into the age of industria-lization. Daha also uncovers pivotal facts on the link between Nazi Germany and the railway’s construction. With a research diary approach, Daha compiles complex historical interfaces using original documents, stamps, letters, sketches, and maps excerpted from her research. (Verlagstext)

Ramesch Daha
Unlimited History
192 Seiten
Format: 24 x 30 cm
Texte: Ramesch Daha, Roland Schöny, Wolfgang Drechsler
Revolver Verlag 2016
ISBN 978-3-95763-292-0
Euro 49,–