Vija Celmins, Starfield, 2010, mezzotint. Copyright the artist , Cortesy Matthew Marks Gallery

About the VS American Foundation

The Vienna Secession incorporated the Vienna Secession American Foundation, Inc. in reaffirmation of the institution’s long-standing ties to the United States of America. The Vienna Secession American Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under IRC Section 501 (c) (3) and its donors in the United States may deduct their contributions pursuant to IRC Section 170.

The Vienna Secession has consistently worked to introduce American contemporary and modern art to the Austrian public. Examples include exhibitions of U.S. artists Jasper Johns, Sol LeWitt (1988), Brice Marden (1992), Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy (1998), Mary Heilmann (2003), Robert Irwin (2013), Laura Owens (2015), Vija Celmins (2015), Vincent Fecteau (2016) and Alex da Corte and Rebecca Quaytman (upcoming 2017). Thus, the Vienna Secession has ensured the recognition and timely reception of American art in Central Europe, to the benefit of U.S. artists, U.S. art galleries and U.S. collectors.

The Vienna Secession American Foundation enables the institution’s extensive network in the U.S. to contribute financially to the continued excellence of the Vienna Secession’s art program, in particular with respect to the continued dissemination of significant American contemporary art, and furthermore to offer substantial support for the maintenance of the iconic art nouveau building.

Board of Directors: Ramesch Daha (president of the Secession)

Bill Eacho, Donna Eacho, Stephen Harnik, Eberhard Kohlbacher, Laurence Yansouni