VIDEO | Whose Freedom? – Franco Berardi, Europe in Weimar—End of Human Freedom, Impotence of the Will

Franco Berardi inquired into different notions of political activism as well as possible scenarios of Europe becoming a “new Weimar”.

Franco “Bifo” Berardi is a writer and media theorist and activist. He founded Radio Alice, Bologna, and was involved in the Autonomia movement of the 1970s. His book The Soul at Work: From Alienation to Autonomy has just come out in German translation.

Yvonne Hütter-Almerigi is a literary scholar and research associate at the Università di Bologna, where she currently studies conceptions of reality and political activism. She is a regular contributor to the philosophy journal Hohe Luft.

September 16, 2019

In the context of the event series Whose freedom?