Tess Jaray Secession, Wien

Artist’s book | Tess Jaray

“Through the process of entirely intuitive drawing, suddenly a line or a shape may take on a meaning that can be developed. These drawings are in a way an archaeology of the unconscious mind. A way to make discoveries on paper that may be developed into paintings. Paul Klee famously spoke about ‘taking a line for a walk.’ I would take that further and say that for me it’s a record of travelling with a pencil.“ (Tess Jaray)



Tess Jaray
Thinking on Paper

accompanying the exhibition
Format: 23 x 28.5 cm
Details: hardcover, thread binding, 336 pages
Concept: Georgia Vaux with Tess Jaray
Text and drawings: Tess Jaray
ca. 200 illustrations
Secession 2021
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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