Sophie Thun

Artist’s book | Sophie Thun. Secession

The artist’s book “Secession” that Sophie Thun has designed in connection with the exhibition adds to this appeal to the viewer to understand artistic practice through a production-aesthetic lens rather than focus on the finished work alone. Dozens of test strips, a byproduct of her labor in the darkroom, and a notebook containing technical information document the tentative character of her process, giving the viewer a sense of how she arrives at creative decisions—while also bearing witness to the all-important question: How to begin …?


Sophie Thun
accompanying the exhibition Sophie Thun. Stolberggasse
Format: 18 x 33 cm
Details: Swiss broschur, softcover, thread binding, 208 pages
Concept: Sophie Thun
Text: Sophie Thun in conversation with Daniel Spoerri
Secession 2020
Vertrieb: Revolver Publishing
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