• Suellen Rocca

Suellen Rocca

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accompanying the exhibition

Format: 17 x 26 cm
Details: Hardcover with linen, leporello-book with facsimiles of nine drawings,
manually inserted into the body of the book
Concept: Suellen Rocca
Secession 2020
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

Suellen Rocca’s publication, a facsimile of her own design prototype, comprises nine drawings she selected from her sketchbook. Completed while she was preparing for her exhibition at the Secession, these drawings show her weaving together visual elements from different stages of her long career to create an entirely new group of works. Among Rocca’s subjects are renderings of her recently rediscovered dollhouse furniture, recalling her childhood, an early and frequent source of inspiration; a handbag, a key element of the personal iconography she developed in the 1960s from advertising and other pop-culture sources, and a ubiquitous presence in her work from that time; and imagery that she described as “more internal” — depictions of anonymous torsos, plants, birds, and other creatures — that came to characterize her later paintings and drawings, beginning in the early 1980s. As Rocca made these drawings and conceived of her book’s format, she was contemplating both the passing of time and time’s cyclical aspect, the repetition of hours, days, and seasons that make up a life, prompting her decision to reproduce the drawings on both sides of a single continuous sheet of paper that can be arranged in a circle.

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