Ron Nagle

Sub Rosa

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accompanying the exhibition

Format: 225 x 290 mm
Details: Hardcover, 120 pages, loose sticker page
Concept: Ron Nagle
Texts: Ron Nagle; Massimiliano Gioni in Conversation with Ron Nagle
Fridericianum, Secession 2019
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

“Years later I rediscovered the photo booth at a novelty shop on 24th Street in San Francisco. I spent a lot of time there, taking dozens of pictures. Simultaneously, I began collecting random postcards from my favorite shop in North Beach. My photo shoots got more involved when I decided to merge the two elements. I would adjust my posture, pose, and attire to best accommodate the postcard. Sometimes it would take a hundred shots to get it right. By carefully selecting the proper combination of sticker and postcard, I was able to make a somewhat convincing tableau. These collages allowed me to insinuate myself into a scene from someone else’s experience.” (Ron Nagle)

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