Lisa Holzer

Was trägt Sie? / What carries you?

Artists Books/Catalogues

accompanying the exhibition

Format: 22 x 30 cm
Details: Fold brochure, 108 pages
Concept: Lisa Holzer
Texts (German / English): Lisa Holzer, Anke Dyes, Hans Christian Dany
Secession 2019
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

“This book comprises the exhibition’s not-yet-framed pictures, and illustrations from the series Guts, Flush (with or without flash), and Not Yet Titled, which Anke Dyes and/or Hans-Christian Dany mention in texts. As well as illustrations from the series You make me very hungry, which relate to my catering suggestion for the fundraising dinner of the Secession mentioned in the audio guide text. Also included are illustrations from the series Delay, as in the/a mood (butterhead lettuce) for the adults, and Flowers of death devoid of green (chrysanthemums), because they go so well with the season, and the picture for the invitation card, a receipt for a clown collar.”
(Lisa Holzer)

€ 26,40