Lieselott Beschorner

Im Atem der Zeit [In the Breath of Time]

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accompanying the exhibition

Format: 21.6 x 28.7 cm
Details: Softcover, hand-sewn spine, 96 pages
Concept: Ramesch Daha, Berthold Ecker, Jeanette Pacher
Texts: Sonja-Maria Borstner; Berthold Ecker, Jeanette Pacher
approx. 60 images
Secession 2022
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

Lieselott Beschorner has made art for over seven decades and been a member of the Vienna Secession for almost as long: when she was admitted in 1951, she was among the first women members. The publication retraces this longstanding relationship, featuring archival materials and installation views of her recent show that illustrate the freshness and unmistakably contemporary quality of her work. An essay by the Berlin-based writer and curator Sonja-Maria Borstner complements a conversation with the artist by Berthold Ecker and Jeanette Pacher.

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