Ich möchte Teil einer Jugendstilbewegung sein. Der Beethovenfries

Beethoven Frieze/Publications

176 pages
Numerous illustrations
Texts: Markus Brüderlin, Silvia Eiblmayr, Rainer Metzger, András Pálffy, Annette Südbeck, Thomas D. Trummer; Patricia Grzonka (interview with Edelbert Köb and Adolf Krischanitz)
Secession 2012
ISBN 978-3-902592-62-0

The 176-page publication contains, besides the essays, a specially created comic by Linda Bilda and a full survey of artistic and curatorial projects developed and realized at the Secession in dialogue with the frieze since 1986. As a special feature, the publication includes a fold out reproduction of the Beethoven Frieze measuring 19,8 x 310 cm.

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