B. Ingrid Olson


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accompanying the exhibtion

Format: 16 x 16 cm
Details: open thread binding, 328 pages
Concept and images: B. Ingrid Olson
Text (English): Rosmarie Waldrop
323 images
Secession 2022
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

This book features 323 photographic images by B. Ingrid Olson, all taken in 2021. Near sunset, the artist often constructs provisional sculptural arrangements of raw materials, found objects, remnants of her other works, and studio detritus. Carefully stacked or precariously balanced, each temporary assemblage is documented in the evening, when the cast light creates long shadows, accentuating the shapes and textures at hand. The formations are adjusted across multiple images, creating varied sets of near repetitions that evidence Olson’s quick decisions, minor adjustments and the movement of light and shadow at the end of each day.

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