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Alex Da Corte’s artist’s book comprises two volumes: a conversation between the artist and the Los Angeles based writer and critic Bruce Hainley, and Sorcery, a photographic comic strip by New York based curator and writer Bob Nickas utilising source imagery chosen by Alex Da Corte.

Slow Graffiti
132 pages
Details: Softcover, 210×300 mm
Concept: Alex da Corte
Photographs: Alex da Corte
Sticker page with eight sticker, designed by Alex da Corte
Interview: Bruce Hainley

Slow Graffiti
Sorcery by Bob Nickas
84 pages
Details: Staple binding, 210×300 mm
Concept: Alex da Corte
Original source material: Alex da Corte
Selection, sequencing and text: Bob Nickas

Secession 2017
Distribution: Revolver Publishing

€ 39,—