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General information on the history of the artists’ association and the architecture of the Art Nouveau building
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Ramesch Daha Elected New President of the Secession
The general assembly of the Association of Visual Artists Vienna Secession elected a new board on October 4, 2021. Under its president Ramesch Daha, the board composed of Ricarda Denzer, Barbara Kapusta, Wilfried Kühn, Ulrike Müller, Nick Oberthaler, Michael Part, Lisl Ponger, Axel Stockburger, Sophie Thun, Anna Witt, and Jun Yang will lead the Secession in the coming years.

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Reconstruction of the Founding Dates on the Secession’s Façade
On June 14, reconstructions of two historic inscriptions will be installed to the right and left of the art nouveau building’s main entrance. They indicate the two key dates in the history of the Secession’s founding.

Press Kit Reconstruction of the Founding Dates on the Secession’s Façade


Koloman Moser, Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen, 1898
On occasion of the centenary of Koloman Moser’s (1869–1918) death, a model panel from his fresco Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen (Dance of the Wreath-Bearing Maidens) will be on display on the Secession’s rear side façade.
Press release Koloman Moser’s Der Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen

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