Peter Doig

Drawings, sketches, stencils, collages—the works reproduced in this artist’s book offer a glimpse into Peter Doig’s process. While composing his paintings, thoughts and ideas are assembled through a myriad of preparatory materials; compositions are configured and reconfigured.

With the work on view at the Secession, Doig continues to explore recurring motifs in his recent work: bathers, lions, and music, all with nods to the social and cultural landscape that surrounds him in Trinidad. Doig’s paintings are never premeditated, and in the process of making he often works with the notion of resolution. The journey from nascent idea to completed work of art is one that haunts and perplexes.

Format: 280×340 mm
Details: Hardcover, 72 pages, each 8 pages can be folded out to the size of 560×680 mm
Concept: Peter Doig
Drawings, sketches, stencils, collages: Peter Doig
Secession 2019
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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