Michael E. Smith, 2020

For his solo exhibition at the Secession, Michael E. Smith produced 692 unique cat calendars based on a photo archive used to develop software and algorithms dealing with computer vision. The edition of the calendar is defined by the total amount of 9000 cat photographs, which were originally culled from image sharing platforms and personal blogs by researchers. Each photo calendar shows a unique set of 13 individual cats from the research database. The images vary from Instagram Mable cute pet shots to scenes depicting eye-sick animals and excrement. The calendar for the year 2020 refers not only to the upcoming year and the computation of time after Christ but also to the medical evaluation of sight, 20/20 vision being a distinction of visual acuity from a distance.



Michael E. Smith
accompanying the exhibition Michael E. Smith
Format: 20,3 x 26,6 cm
Concept: Michael E. Smith
Secession 2019
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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