All members are entitled to the following special conditions:

  • Free admission to all the exhibitions of the Secession
  • Invitations to openings, lectures, exhibition discussions and special tours
  • 20 % price reduction on all purchases at the Secession shop
  • Opportunities to take part in the art excursions of the Friends of the Secession
  • Rights of use and rental of the rooms of the Secession

Membership Fee

Regular Member

€ 300

(includes € 100 membership fee, € 200 tax deductible donation)


€ 800

(includes € 100 membership fee, € 700 tax deductible donation)

As a token of gratitude for their involvement, supporters and patrons receive the annual gift, a limited edition work made by a renowned artist exclusively for the Society of the Friends of the Secession. Sponsors are entitled to receive all catalogues free of charge (guaranteed availability up to 6 months after publication).


Starting at € 2.000

(includes € 100 membership fee, € 1.900 tax deductible donation)

In addition to the annual gift, patrons are also named in all of the publications of the Secession and receive them free of charge by mail.