Artist book Leslie Thornton, Event

The artist book Event, in which Leslie Thornton applies her technique of montaging imagery and textual material to the book medium, is published in conjunction with the exhibition Crossing by James Richards & Leslie Thornton.

“This is the book, EVENT. Each photograph is an event, each page is an event, each individual encounter with such a book is an event. Normally we don not think about an image or a page or a book that way. In EVENT, we will, one hopes, think and feel this question, ‘What is an event'”?
Leslie Thornton



Leslie Thornton
Softcover, 21,6×28 cm
120 pages
Concept: Leslie Thornton
Texts: James Beacham, Michael Doser, Maria Fidecaro, Leslie Thornton, Thomas Zummer
Secession 2018
Distribution: Revolver Publishing
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