Foto: Jorit Aust

Koloman Moser, Der Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen, 1898

On occasion of the centenary of Koloman Moser’s (1869–1918) death, a model panel from his fresco Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen (Dance of the Wreath-Bearing Maidens) will be on display on the Secession’s rear side façade. Created in 1898 for the Secession building, which was completed that year, the fresco originally adorned the rear façade until its destruction in 1907. In conjunction with the 2017–18 renovations, a section of the frieze has been reconstructed as a scientific research project in cooperation with the Federal Monuments Authority Austria.

Model panel, reconstruction 2017–18
Lead conservator: Johannes Duda
In cooperation with the Federal Monuments Authority Austria

Photo: Jorit Aust

Photo: Jorit Aust

Der Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen on the rear side façade, Photo: Secession Archive