Fundraising Dinner

Every year the Friends of the Secession put on a fundraising dinner in honor of an artist. With international guests, artists and personalities from business and culture, this event has become a permanent feature in the cultural calendar of Vienna.

For a certain financial contribution, 25 – 30 tables are assigned to various hosts. Thanks to the kind support from renowned businesses the net proceeds can be used entirely to finance the art historical research as studied at the Secession.

2021 Nairy Baghramian

2019 Tala Madani

2018 Ed Ruscha

2017 R.H. Quaytman

2016 Francis Alÿs

2015 Vija Celmins

2014 Chto Delat

2013 Sarah Lucas

2012 Kerry James Marshall

2011 Die Fünfte Säule

2010 Gilbert Bretterbauer

2009 Marc Camille Chaimowicz

2008 Frances Stark

2007 Tom Burr

2005 De Rijke / De Rooij and Christopher Williams

2004 Albert Oehlen

2003 Mary Heilmann

2002 Sue Williams

2001 Christopher Wool

2000 Mark Wallinger

1999 Roman Signer

1998 Herbert Brandl

1997 Nobuyoshi Araki

1996 Philip Taaffe

1994 Brice Marden

1992 Gilbert & George

1989 Daniel Buren

1988 Sol Lewitt