Christopher Williams & Jeroen de Rijke / Willem de Rooij, Exhibition view, Secession, 2005, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Christopher Williams & de Rijke / de Rooij

November 25, 2005 – January 15, 2006

At the invitation of the Secession, de Rijke / de Rooij and Christopher Williams have developed a joint exhibition to be shown in all three of the gallery’s spaces. Their independent positions enter into a dialog that reveals both the similarities between their approaches and the differences in their implementation.

Taking as their point of departure a documentary-oriented aesthetic, both Williams and de Rijke / de Rooij examine the condition, presence, and impact of photographic images. As ubiquitous elements within today’s visual cultures, these pictures have taken on a curious see-through quality – what is perceived in not the picture but that which it portrays. Both in terms of motifs and in the use of specific techniques and forms of presentation, the three artists seek to reconnect photography to that which is photographed.