Kerstin von Gabain, Raver geht ins archäologische Museum, exhibition view Secession 2014, photo: Jorit Aust

Kerstin von Gabain

Raver geht ins archäologische Museum

April 11 – June 8, 2014

In her exhibition Raver geht ins archäologische Museum (A Raver at the Archaeological Museum), the Vienna-based artist Kerstin von Gabain presents her most recent photographic works together with plaster sculptures. Creating a performative interplay with sculpture, translating this interplay into the medium of photography, as well as bridging classical antiquity and contemporary culture in an unorthodox manner are all key aspects of the series of works which von Gabain has produced for her show in the Secession’s Grafisches Kabinett. The dialogue between sculptures and photographs engenders a spatial situation whose ambiguous nature is further heightened by almost casual interventions including a sound installation in the staircase (in collaboration with Johann Neumeister) and objects discreetly placed here and there as though at random.


Kerstin von Gabain, born in Palo Alto (USA) in 1979, lives and works in Vienna.