Ulla von Brandenburg, Innen ist nicht Außen, Exhibition view, Secession 2013, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Ulla von Brandenburg

Innen ist nicht Außen

September 19 – November 10, 2013

In her films, drawings, and installations, German artist Ulla von Brandenburg explores how things are staged and made theatrical, the relationship between audience and actors, the rules of performance, and the overlap between reality and illusion. In her first solo exhibition in Austria, Innen ist nicht Außen [Inside Is Not Outside], Ulla von Brandenburg will show her new film Die Straße [The Street] as part of an installation which she created specially for Secession’s main gallery.

The black-and-white film Die Straße shows a man entering an unfamiliar village community where he is confronted with the rituals and conventions governing the villagers’ social interaction. In a single, uncut tracking shot, the camera, like a third person, follows the actors’ performances, staged by von Brandenburg in an ephemeral Potemkin village made of white canvases in the open air.
“He enters another world and tries to understand the various goings-on that strike him as foreign. It’s as if he were time-traveling, although it’s not quite clear what sort of temporal context he has landed in, and there is no real development in the sequence of events.” (Ulla von Brandenburg, interview with Nina Möntmann)


Ulla von Brandenburg, born in Karlsruhe in 1974, lives and works in Paris.