Trina Robbins, She Draws Comics, Exhibition view, Secession 2002, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Trina Robbins

She Draws Comics

April 25 – June 23, 2002

Since the 1960s, the cartoonist and pop historian Trina Robbins has been a central figure in the women’s comics scene in the US. She plays numerous roles: artist, producer, active networker and, in recent years, also a chronicler of the women’s comics movement. The exhibition that she has put together for the Secession, She Draws Comics, displays the diversity of women’s comics production in the USA with a broad selection of both historical and contemporary original drawings, comics and zines. The exhibition conveys historical and biographical backgrounds, but without leveling the diversity of individual approaches, and it illuminates aspects of production and distribution within the framework of emancipatory do-it-yourself strategies, the emphatic formulation of individual positions, and the industrial comic market.