Trespassing, Exhibition view, Secession 2002, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Trespassing – Shaping Spatial Practices

con:, C2S2, FAT ltd, the next ENTERprise – architects, offshore, Pauhof, Schie 2.0, Splitterwerk, Klaus Stattmann, Wolfgang Tschapeller

Idea: Sandrine von Klot (*escape spHere), Angelika Fitz

September 13 – November 3, 2002

The exhibition project Trespassing – Shaping Spatial Practices discusses approaches which understand architecture to be a constructive, cultural, social and political practice. Contemporary architectural production is characterised by the development of new tasks, work methods and forms of organisation which make it impossible to persist in perceiving architecture as a “holistic” activity delimited from other disciplines. Present-day architectural practice is increasingly determined by small, independent operational units active within extremely dense networks, in changing constellations, often in an interdisciplinary, sometimes in a nomadic and transnational way. Multiple authorship, joint control over technical know-how and infrastructure, updates via collective networks, interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and areas of work are accompanied by strong individual differentiation and a high degree of specialisation.