The Experiment 7, christoph mayer chm., why is it called paradise?, 2001, Photo: Simone Bader

The Experiment 7

christoph mayer chm., why is it called paradise?

Curated by Christine Bruckbauer

October 18 – November 25, 2001

In his artistic work, christoph mayer chm. sets off in search of differentiated forms of perception. Whereas his own body was the focal point of his perceptual investigations in the beginning, now the artist reacts to the socio-political developments in his surroundings. Due to his intensive exploration of neuroscience, elements and methods from this field also flow into his work. He is particularly interested in the physiology of perception in relation to the phenomenon of cognition. Starting from the medium of performance and dance, christoph mayer chm. experiments with an interactive project form. Viewers are invited to become part of the artistic process themselves and experience new forms of perception with their own bodies.


christoph mayer chm., born in Linz in 1975, lives and works in Berlin.