The Experiment 2, >a room of one's own<, Skirt, Photos: >a room of one’s own<

The Experiment 2B

>a room of one's own< – Tanya Bednar, Carola Dertnig, Petja Dimitrova, Anita Fricek, Kristina Haider, Juma Hauser, Lisa Holzer, Katharina Lampert, Ursula Mayer, Sascha Regina Reichstein, Patricia Reschenbach, Nina Stuhldreher, Katrin Tag, Sofie Thorsen

Initiiert von Carola Dertnig

January 10 – February 3, 2002

>a room of one’s own< is a forum of young women artists for discussing, investigating and expanding contemporary feminist discourses and practices. >a room of one’s own< has been newly constituted since the project The Experiment 2A in April/May 2001 and sees itself as an open group with a foundation in the different aspects of knowledge and experience of the individual participants.