Susi Jirkuff, Wild Wood, Exhibition view, Secession 2013, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Susi Jirkuff

Wild Wood

September 19 – November 10, 2013

Susi Jirkuff’s installation Wild Wood comprises wall drawings, wallpaper, animations projected onto geometric forms, abstracted sculptural elements, and soundscapes. Stretching over three rooms it forms a sort of life-size, walk-through film set within which the artist’s three-part video animation Boyz in the Wood (2013) is shown. Using a reductive formal language, Jirkuff plays with an array of means to create the illusion of film, and drafts a graphical, media reality of her own.
“The idea of the installation is to draw the viewers into the story. It gives them the chance to enter a sort of film set. My aim in the Secession was to incorporate classical shots like long shot and close-up into the mise-en-scène and to present each room as a separate film scene. Because the installation claims all of the space in each room, the story is more immediate; you cannot get around it.” (Susi Jirkuff in an interview with Jeanette Pacher)


Susi Jirkuff, born in Linz in 1966, lives and works in Vienna.