Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Atlas, Exhibition view, Secession 2010, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch


February 19 – April 18, 2010

When does a concrete act, endlessly repeated, acquire an inconceivable dimension, one that escapes our grasp and ultimately becomes abstract? How often must the same route be traveled before the traveler is inscribed into it and, conversely, the route inscribes itself into the traveler, so that place, route, and body become one? What part does the scale of a space play in the possibility of disappearing in that space?

These and similar questions manifest themselves in Atlas, Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch’s intervention at the Secession in which they define and expand the concept of the sculptural as a form of measure in space and/or time.


Nicole Six, born in Vöcklabruck in 1971, and Paul Petritsch, born in Friesach in 1968, live and work in Vienna.