Azra Akšamija, Kunstmoschee, Secession garden 2007, Installation view, Photo: Pez Hejduk

Azra Akšamija, Baumüller / Hofmann, Tatzu Nishi

Secession Garden

July 21 – September 30, 2007

The Secession’s summer outdoor program, with projects by Azra Akšamija, Patrick Baumüller/Severin Hofmann and Tatzu Nishi, appeals directly to different publicsincluding those who may not usually have close (direct) contact with contemporary art. The projects deal with the symbolically charged architecture of the historical building and open the Secession up to the urban space. The result is a space for communication that allows people from different walks of life to enter into a dialog: the protected (and protective) artificial setting of the art institution loses its hermetic closure, representation takes a back seat to production. In contrast to the time-tested status quo of the institution in the tradition of the White Cube, the processual character of these projects creates the possibility not only of pursuing or relaunching discourses in the established art context, but also of actually provoking new discourses.


Azra Akšamija, born in Sarajevo in 1976, lives and works in Cambridge, USA.
Patrick Baumüller, born in Biel, Switzerland, in 1969, lives and works in Vienna.
Severin Hofmann, born in Salzburg in 1973, lives and works in Zurich.
Tatzu Nishi, born in Nagoya, Japan, in 1960, lives and works in Cologne.