Saskia Olde Wolbers, Pareidolia, 2011, Video still, Courtesy Maureen Paley, London

Saskia Olde Wolbers

A Shot in the Dark

May 27 – August 21, 2011

With her exhibition at the Secession, video artist Saskia Olde Wolbers is showing a selection of her work in Austria for the first time, including a new piece Pareidolia (2011). Since the mid- 1990s, she has been developing fictional documentaries often loosely based on factual events. Her intricate videos are driven by a combination of otherworldly imagery – meticulously handmade model worlds – and the apparent inner monologue of the voiceover in the audiobooklike soundtracks. The films are shot underwater. Miniature sets dipped in paint to create unstable imagery that abstractly illustrate the narrator’s thought process.

Three works by Sakia Olde Wolbers are on show in the Galerie at the Secession: Pareidolia (2011), Trailer (2005) and Placebo (2002).


Saskia Olde Wolbers, born in Breda (NL) in 1971, lives and works in London.