Sarah Rapson
Sarah Rapson, Ode To Psyche, installation view Secession 2021, photo: Pascal Petignat

Sarah Rapson

Ode To Psyche

November 20, 2021 – February 20, 2022

Nonchalant/ cart 2021

Oil paint and plaster on linen

Linen, lead paint, printed matter


White Flower (private collection) 2007

Paint over newspaper


Trip 2021

Printed matter tape oil on canvas

Paint over stained canvas

Oil paint on linen, nails


Vienna shit (diptych) 2021

Linen paper oil paint


Vienna triptych 2021

Linen on canvas, oil on canvas


Don Juan New York 20th century 2021

Soot, calico, paint, printed matter, hessian

Linen, wood

Part 2

Oil, canvas, printed matters


Ode/s 2021

Paint, linen, wood plank

Lead oil paint, stained canvas

Clay paint, linen, sawn stretcher


Jasper 2021

Dirt, linen, wood stretcher


romantic art forum 2007

Oil paint, plaster over printed matter


stuck on earth – bloccato sulla terra 2021

Earth pigment on linen


Lyre 2021

Oil paint on hessian

Printed matter, ink and tape


Untitled painting 2020

Oil paint on stained linen


Oracle stick 2021

Wood, printed matter, tape


Vitrine 2021

Linen, wood pigment, roman earth black oil paint, sand oil paint, newspaper, ink on paper


3 standing vitrines 2021

Printed matter, transcripts and ink on paper


galerie galerie/ session – 2021

Video projection with sound


Other materials


Love is everywhere Monet / London Trip 2021

Printed matters ink tape plexi glass


Performance Tent\Performance Tent 2021

Printed matter ink and tape


Love is everywhere (a British artist) 2021

Printed matter, ink, canvas over oil paint


Visitor guide vitrine

Ink on paper, tape, gallery business card




Lyre 2021


You know that it would be untrue

You know that I would be a liar

If I was to say to you

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher


Single channel audio

Sarah Rapson was born in London in 1959. She currently works in England and lives in Rome.