Rosella Biscotti, The Side Room, Exhibition view, Secession 2013, Photo: Oliver Ottenschläger

Rossella Biscotti

The Side Room

July 5 – September 1, 2013

Events in recent history and politics usually form the starting point for Rossella Biscotti’s projects. She is also interested in issues and insights in the social and natural sciences, particularly in studies and experiments involving memory and dreams. Whether doing research or conducting conversations and interviews with people involved in events or contemporary eyewitnesses, her method of working is always based on dialogue and guided by her quest for formally compelling solutions for her exhibitions. Her preferred media are “poor” materials such as concrete, iron, lead, chipboard, or more recently compost, which Biscotti relates to her subject matters and uses to draw together the various strands of narratives.
“Even now, when I make a sculpture I think about narration, but specifically how to edit together stories, ideas, histories, and other information.”


Rossella Biscotti, born in Molfetta (Italy) in 1978, lives and works in Amsterdam.