Regina Möller, embodiment – dress plot, Ausstellungsansicht, Secession 2004, Foto: Hannes Böck

Regina Möller

embodiment – dress plot

September 17 – November 11, 2004

Regina Möller situates her works in the border realm of art, fashion, and comics. She takes various formats of contemporary cultural communication and reflects on their identity-forming, economic, and functional connotations. For example, in her magazine regina, with which she has reached a broad readership since the late 1990s, she adapts the language of women’s magazines. Through subtle shifts she undermines the common constructions of female identity. Parallel to this, Regina Möller has designed clothing, carpets, furniture, and inner decor under her own label, embodiment, since 1993. In doing so, she charges the materials with new meanings and examines the socio-cultural parameters of products beyond current and thereby transitory fashions.


Regina Möller lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.