multiplex fiction / Ralo Mayer, Das Muster der Schatten des Spaceframe der Biosphere 2…, Exhibition view, Secession 2008, Photo: Pez Hejduk

multiplex fiction / Ralo Mayer

Das Muster der Schatten des Spaceframe der Biosphere 2, das die Sonne am 26. September 2041 auf den Boden der Savanne projiziert, ähnelt zwischen 10:24 und 14:02 auffällig einer Penrose Parkettierung; und während ich diese Zeitrafferaufnahme der Ruine mehrmals betrachte, spiegelt sich im Monitor der Blick aus dem Fenster nach draußen.

September 19 – November 9, 2008

What forms of action and cultural practices are postulated via world models and miniature universes, for example in science fiction literature? To what extent do such models reflect the social organisation and the channelling of creativity and desire in their construction and interpretation? Ralo Mayer has been pursuing the issue in the research series How to Do Things With Worlds (in collaboration with Philipp Haupt and others). In the form of scripts, performances, comic strips and scenarios in the space he has developed polyrhythmic narrative structures. Interweaving fictitious and documentary material these investigate various model worlds and the designs for space and time to be found inscribed in them.


Ralo Mayer, born in Eisenstadt in 1976, currently lives and works in Vienna.