Philippe Decrauat, Exhibition view, Secession 2008, Photo: Christian Wachter

Philippe Decrauzat

February 29 – April 13, 2008

With his wall paintings, films, sculptures, paintings, and installations, Philippe Decrauzat’s art is firmly rooted in the legacy of 20th century abstract art, using the formal idiom of Russian Constructivism, the visual effects of Op Art, or the reduced geometries of Minimalism. In spite of this, his works are characterized by their claim to maintain a certain critical distance to all these styles. Consequently, Decrauzat’s position with regard to Modernism is not at all as it appears at first glance. His practice is also associated with the methods and theories of experimental film or pop culture, the cinematography of science fiction, etc. The power of his work lies above all in a “compression” of modern modes of seeing. Beyond the Modernist logic of the optical, Decrauzat focuses on the eye, an instrument long excluded from the discourse of the period.


Philippe Decrauzat, born in Lausanne in 1974, lives and works in Lausanne.