Pawel Althamer and others, Installation view, Secession 2009, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Pawel Althamer and others

April 25 – June 21, 2009

For his exhibition at the Secession, that makes use of the entire building and the garden, the Polish artist Pawel Althamer creates a tunnel-like corridor, accessible around the clock, that runs through the building straight into the garden beyond, where he initiates a public site for communication with simple means. An evening camp firefor Althamer a symbol and archetype of the “round table”acts as the centre of informal gatherings and meetings. Although ahead of the exhibition the artist has specifically prompted various people for example Donat Grzechowiak, students of the Academy of Fine Arts / Performance Art class, Südtirolerplatz-Günther and friends and residents of the Neu Albern refugee house to take part, basically everyone is invited to make use of the temporary outdoor space.


Pawel Althamer, born in Warsaw in 1967, lives and works in Warsaw.