Miriam Bajtala, in my name, Exhibition view, Secession 2013, Photo: Oliver Ottenschläger

Miriam Bajtala

in meinem Namen

February 27 – April 21, 2013

Miriam Bajtala deals in her work with perception and the parameters that define and alter it, such as space, time, and context. Her repertoire includes videos, drawings, and sculptures, as well as text-based works and performative installations. In recent works, like the video 3 Stimmen (three voices, 2011) and the performances 2 Monologe für einen Chor (2 monologs for a chorus, 2011) and die Rede (the speech, 2012), Bajtala examines the linguistic articulation of (self-) empowerment, representation and communication. Speech, written text, vocal variations, losing and claiming language are both the objects and means of her artistic analysis.

An official speech is subject to certain conventions and formal rules that help to lend significance to its subject—an artistic work and its author—and to address or represent it accordingly. Taking this as her point of departure, Bajtala deals with the act of speaking about artistic work that is usually left to experts such as curators, critics, theorists, self-reflexively re-appropriating this discussion of the work. For her contribution to the Kabinenschau exhibition, for example, Bajtala wrote a speech and employed an actress to deliver it at the exhibition opening in her place.


Miriam Bajtala, born in Bratislava in 1970, lives and works in Vienna.