Miklós Erhardt, Temporay Settings, Exhibition view, Secession 2008, Photo: Pez Hejduk

Miklós Erhardt

Temporary Settings

July 5 – September 7, 2008

In his work, Miklós Erhardt explores artistic potential in terms of socio-political and economic issues. Using interventionist and documentary methods he creates social situations that become the point of origin for further observations. His projects are often developed in collaboration with other artists, most notably within the context of Big Hope, an artist group which he co-founded in 1998 (www.bighope.hu). In his participatory projects he engages with individual perception on the part of specific groups of economic and political reality as well as with the lack of representation of underprivileged people such as the homeless, migrants or inhabitants of run-down districts. The particular situation in Hungary as a post-socialist country subject to a radical period of readjustment since 1989 is dealt with in like manner, as are the effects of globalisation on the labour market and diverse local communities.


Miklós Erhardt, born in Budapest in 1966, lives and works in Budapest.