Micol Assaёl, ФОМУШКА (Fomuška), 2009, Installation view, Secession 2009, Photo: Pez Hejduk

Micol Assa?l


September 11 – November 8, 2009

In her first solo show in Austria, in the main room of the Secession, the Italian artist Micol Assaёl is presenting large-format wall drawings from her new series Красный Октябрь (Red October) along with an installation consisting of the eponymous machine ФОМУШКА (Fomuška), that generates an electrostatic field with the aid of steam, and two additional industrial ventilators.

Based on a passionate fascination with scientific theories and physical principles such as electrostatics, gravitation and wind power, Micol Assaёl amplifies natural or physical phenomena in many of her installations. Her minimal arrangements play with the spectrum of sensory perceptions and allow unusual experiences, that in some cases involve unpleasant and disconcerting aspects.


Micol Assaёl, born in Rome in 1979, lives and works in Rome and Moscow.