Michael Beutler, Exhibition view, Secession 2002, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Michael Beutler

November 22, 2002 – January 26, 2003

Michael Beutler’s expansive sculptures are usually created directly on site in relation to the given architectonic arrangements. In an experimental process that concentrates more on the logical sequence of mutually conditional decisions than on preconceived planning, Beutler develops structures and forms from conventional building materials—such as wood, plaster or glass—that question standardization. His methods range from do-it-yourself strategies, the compilation of (playful) rules for action, to the fabrication of machines that contribute to deformations. His work recurrently centers around an interest in conceptualizing the properties of various fabrication processes and material structures so that a content-based understanding of the materials and interventions takes precedence over a material-functional understanding.


Michael Beutler, born in Oldenburg in 1976, lives and works in Frankfurt.