Mathias Poledna, A Village by the Sea, 2011, Installation view, Secession 2013, Photo: Margherita Spiluttini

Mathias Poledna

February 27 – April 21, 2013

Mathias Poledna deals in his work with connections between art and entertainment, modernism in architecture, fashion and design, the language of film and the history of exhibition-making, often taking the specific historicity of these phenomena as his point of departure. Most recently, he has been producing extremely concentrated cinematic installations that develop complex tensions between their subject matter and the associated references and cultural notions. The artist’s interest in different ways of expressing modernity manifests itself in the special, often highly diverse subjects in his work, ranging from post-punk music to a rain forest in Papua New Guinea, and in the aestheticism and extreme reduction of their formal idiom. Though always new and in many cases created jointly with professional collaborators, they often give the impression of found material, seeming to draw on the visual language of the collective imagination of the past and the present.


Mathias Poledna, born in Vienna in 1965, lives and works in Los Angeles.