Koo Jeong A, 3355, Exhibition view, Secession 2002, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Koo Jeong A


November 22, 2002 – January 26, 2003

In her interventions and installations, Koo Jeong A starts from the constitution of an exhibition location and simultaneously identifies the most advantageous form for the placement of her objects there. Koo Jeong A’s compositions are often more firmly rooted in poetic than in sculptural thinking, and they have the delicateness and lightness of dream worlds. In her subtle and meditative, but no less sober manner, Koo Jeong A leaves the objects their banality, rather than seeking to enhance their value, but at the same time, she attributes structural positions to them with the constellation. The way in which it all comes together, the way in which the objects mutually relate to and condition one another, has nothing random about it. Instead, it follows an order, in which microcosm and macrocosm correspond.


Koo Jeong A, born in Seoul in 1967, lives and works in Paris.