Klub Zwei, In Zusammenarbeit mit, Exhibition view, Secession 2005, Photo: Matthias Herrmann

Klub Zwei

in Zusammenarbeit mit

September 15 – November 13, 2005

Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser have been working together as Klub Zwei since 1992. Situated between art, film, and new media, their works deal critically with migration, racism, anti-Semitism, and the way these are portrayed in the media and in the public domain. Klub Zwei analyzes representational order because structural changes always have to do with visibility and making visible. At the same time, Klub Zwei reflects its own conditions of production and develops egalitarian models for cooperation that eschew the pattern of authoritarian authorship. For the exhibition at Secession, Klub Zwei has developed three video installations that follow from its most recent film and book project Things. Places. Years., examining the impact of the Shoah on subsequent generations and the ongoing presence of loss.


Klub Zwei live and work in Vienna.