Klara Lidén
Klara Lidén, Grounding, 2018, installation view Secession 2019, photo: Oliver Ottenschläger

Klara Lidén

Auf jeden Fall

February 1 – March 31, 2019

Klara Lidéns favoured tools are the urban matrix – the city and its infrastructure and social fabric – and her body and physical presence in taking action within this framework. Both for sculptural objects and installations and for spontaneous performative interventions the artist draws on what the city has to offer: the urban inventory of dustbins, ATM machines, signs, site fences, billboards, and a variety of materials. The urban environment and own self are not only immediate and available at all times, they are economic resources, too. She addresses the ubiquity of normative rules and conventions in society. By subtly but decisively presenting ways of diverging from the norm, Lidén’s works spark a notion of liberation and of overcoming oppressive restrictions.


Klara Lidén was born in Stockholm in 1979 and lives in Berlin.