Kerry James Marshall, Robert Johnson Frieze, 2012, Red (If they come in the morning), 2011, Buy Black, 2012, Exhibition view, Secession 2012, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Kerry James Marshall

Who's Afraid of Red, Black and Green

September 21 – November 25, 2012

“I am overwhelmed by White figure representations every time I go to a museum. It is almost universally understood that these images are the foundation of art in the western world.”
(Kerry James Marshall)

In Who’s Afraid of Red, Black and Green, his first exhibition in Austria, African American artist Kerry James Marshall shows a new 16-part series in which he once again examines the visual representation of black people in “western” society and the pictorial tradition associated with it. The programmatic title points to the show’s linking of the ideas and goals of the Black Power and Civil Rights movements and the abstract color field painting of Barnett Newman.


Kerry James Marshall, born in Birmingham, AL, in 1955, lives and works in Chicago, IL.