Joke Robaard, Stand-In Session 3, 2003

Joke Robaard


November 28, 2003 – February 1, 2004

In her photagraphies and folders Joke Robaard treats the concepts of presentation and representation, their differentiation from one another and dissolution into one another. In various economic, cultural and social contexts, she investigates how groups and networks form. At the same time, the rules and roles originally attributed to the individuals by an institution are rescinded. The poses that Robaard assigns to the representants in her photographies draw the gaze instead to the connection of appearance and the representation of ideas and ideologies. In addition, art historical references to picture genres—such as the group portrait—are repeatedly incorporated.

For the Secession Joke Robaard has developed a new project, Stand-In, which depicts the evolved network of the artists association and its exhibition house using various media—photography, video and a folder.


Joke Robaard, born in 1953, lives and works in Amsterdam