Jens Haaning, An Average Austrian Year Income, Exhibition view, Secession 2007, Photo: Pez Hejduk

Jens Haaning

An Average Austrian Year Income

July 6 – September 9, 2007

Borders to be marked out or crossed, differences, inclusions and exclusionsthese are a central theme in the work of Jens Haaning. For bordersterritorial, national, linguistic, social, economic, cultural, legalregulate the coexistence of different people and interests. The Danish artist came to prominence with works of institutional critique during the 1990s. His projects inquire into the political in art, sounding out the interface between social reality and the art institutional context in ways both astonishing and cryptic.

Haaning deals primarily with the question of how society constitutes itself and how power is expressed and communicated within it. Who is represented in what form? Who has a voice? He directs his attention towards those not granted the opportunity to inscribe themselves into the dominant system, to help shape it or reflect on it. In his work, Jens Haaning focuses in particular on processes of integration among immigrants and on highlighting cultural complexity. He always operates with exemplary everyday situations.


Jens Haanig, born in Hoersholm in 1965, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.