Ibon Aranberri, Politica Hidráulica, 2004-2010, Installation view, Secession 2014, Photo: Oliver Ottenschläger

Ibon Aranberri

Finite Location

February 13 – March 30, 2014

In his first solo exhibition in Austria, titled Finite Location, the Basque artist Ibon Aranberri performs a reconfiguration of the large-format photography installation Política Hidráulica (2004–2010) and the sculpture Found Dead (2007-2011), initiating a constructive dialogue between these earlier works and the new The Partial Use of Senses (2014). With a view to the idea of an imaginary landscape, he deliberately does not highlight the thematic nexus between the works or construct a compelling narrative, instead directing attention to the affinities and connections that emerge between the works. The title Finite Location emphasizes the temporary nature of this presentation, which contains the seeds of its dismantlement even at the moment it is put together.


Ibon Aranberri, born in Itziar, Basque country, lives and works in Bilbao.