Hannes Zebedin, Mit Schwung durchqueren anstatt sich aufzuhalten, Exhibition view, Secession 2009, Photo: Wolfgang Thaler

Hannes Zebedin

Mit Schwung durchqueren anstatt sich aufzuhalten

February 20 – April 13, 2009

When Hannes Zebedin transforms the staircase leading up to the Graphic Cabinet into a minimalist space bathed in gleaming white light, he is citing the idea of the white cube, the ideal of a modern exhibition space.

Visitors must not step on to the staircase: With all functional details artistically effaced, it no longer fulfils the statutory requirements. In so doing, Zebedin not only underscores the sculptural nature of the installation, but also introduces another layer of discourse: the question of regulation, restriction and power relations in civil society.


Hannes Zebedin, born in Lienz in 1976, lives and works in Vienna.