Zbynek Baladrán, Miklós Erhardt, Sašo Sedlaček

Curated by Hajnalka Somogyi

November 29, 2007 – November 9, 2008

The term “footnote” may have several meanings. In the first place, it refers to very specific information, claiming the attention of only those deeply interested in the issues discussed by the main body of a text. However, it might get a much more exciting means once the text to be footnoted is not our own. In this case, footnoting resembles the method of writing remarks with pencil on the margins of a booka gesture of expressing (counter-)opinion, of forming questions; a seed for new ideas the stimulus in the text being chosen arbitrarily, according to one’s personal interest. Not only background information for insiders anymore, footnote then becomes a means of expression commenting, questioning or overwriting the main text, which process is as telling of its author as of the content of the footnoted text inspiring, annoying, helping or confusing its reader once it gets into someone else’s hands.

The parallel between footnoting and the way contemporary art reflects on its surrounding has been drawn in several cases. However, the site of our project enriches this term with a special resonance. The physical position of this three by five meters window case in an underpass leading to Secession on the level of its basement seems to be an ideal place to present Footnotes. With its institutional bonds to Secession, being situated under Karlsplatz, a square surrounded by established cultural institutions, the venue suggests the function of an appendix, of a site to place remarks and comments.


Zbynek Baladrán, born in Prague in 1973, lives and works in Prague.
Miklós Erhardt, born in Budapest in 1966, lives and works in Budapest.
Sašo Sedlaček, born in Ljubljana in 1974, lives and works in Ljubljana.